Maxwell Belkar

From Circle Of The Crone

Character Name: Maxwell Belkar, The Crone's Teeth

Clan: Gangrel/Nosferatue (?)

Location: Orlando, Florida

Faction: Challenger and Sineater

Player: Matt Burr



1988 - Sergeant Maxwell Belkar dies in a warehouse blaze. Belkar was a many time decorated undercover officer for the Albany Police force. He pulled thirteen homeless/squatters from the warehouse before it collapsed killing him and four others.

The next evening Maxwell Belkar arose from the ashes of the warehouse and was taken in by the Old Lady of Albany. She nurtured and taught him. It was no surprise when he joined the Circle of the Crone before the end of his first year as Kindred.

1990-2000 Maxwell travelled around the American Northeast, both Canada and America. He aided the Circles where ever he went. It was during this time he discovered his role as Challenger and Sineater. He plays either role depending on the Cities needs. However his wanderlust assured he never stayed anywhere for very long.

2001-2005 Maxwell travled south, picking up his coterie mates Duke and Lorenzo along the way.

2006 Maxwell, Duke, and Lorenzo settle in Orlando Florida. Maxwell asks around about the feared and reviled Challenger Vermiis.

2006, March Maxwell claims the position of Hierophant and re-unites the Orlando coven. He is heard saying "Orlando now rides the Crone's teeth. They'll learn to hold on tight or be consumed."

Character Description

Badly burned bum. Missing his right hand, or rather not exactly missing as it hangs about his neck on an old granny boot lace...

Personality and Distinction

The appelation "The Crone's Teeth" was picked during his wanderings up North. His tendency to bite first, ask questions later did not earn him any acclaim. He is semi-known, liked in some areas, hated in others. He is however well known for disappearing just when people come to rely on him.

He is blunt, crass, and a self proclaimed idiot. The quote, "Now I'm not a smart man..." is often heard from him. He has an odd charisma for an ugly, ill tempered, violent thug. Somewhat akin to to a 'southern preacher', he stump grinds and rallies Acolytes where ever he goes. He is seemingly a creature of two natures. Calm and non-judgemental, asking for ideas from the "smart people" he surrounds himself with one minute; then spitting, cussing, preparing the firey brands, and stomping off to kill people the next.

Religious Beliefs

He calls the City his Goddess. He seeks the new, information, glimpses of tomorrow in the headlines and neon of the Virgin. He follows the guidance, nurturing, and caring Mother in the streets, sidewalks, and buildings. He obeys the cruelties and demands of the sewers and the junkyards of the Crone.

These are his Godess, his Muse, his Fates. They are one and none.

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